Enjoy the freedom

Comfortable, durable and able to fold are just a few words that describe the FreedomTrike models of recumbent trikes. Over 20 years of delivering superior quality recumbent bikes, FreedomTrike continues to be a leader in the Recumbent industry.

FreedomTrike features patented rear wheel steering with front wheel drive power source. Our trikes have the highest ground to seat height amongst all recumbent trikes in addition to the ultimate in comfort mesh seating.

Ride in style, commute in comfort, exercise while having fun and enjoy a pain free experience. Safe riding has never been easier on a recumbent until you have experienced the incomparable recumbent ride of a FreedomTrike.

Enjoy exploring the superior difference a FreedomTrike will offer for you. Enjoy the videos of FreedomTrike in action. 

The mission that drives us to perfecting your recumbent exercise experience. Think comfort in numbers while going “Bent for Health.”


Sidewinder Cycle

The Original FreedomTrike

In 1995, while working on an innovative redesign for a pedicab company, metallurgical engineer, Jim Nunes, had a mental “flight of fancy” and a new concept for a recumbent tricycle took shape. Many people did not know what to call the bike, some names used were: Adult tricycle, recumbent exercise bike, recumbent fitness machine, trike recumbent-so we just decided to call it the ProCruiser.

After numerous prototypes were built and hours spent researching patents, the Sidewinder’s drive system was developed. With the patent secured, the first model was born, the Sidewinder ProCruiser. 

In 1996 the ProCuiser was officially introduced to the public with a skeptical but comfortable reaction. The skeptics questioned the front wheel drive system, but thoroughly enjoyed the seating comfort and many other options. To test what kind of “abuse” the Sidewinder ProCruiser could handle in the “real world”, the first 30 recumbents were sold into the rental market in the Santa Barbara and Ventura County area. After months of heavy “use and abuse” in the rental market, which resulted in record rental sales, the Sidewinders proved their durability and high customer satisfaction rating. 

1997-2003, brought frustrations and false starts as the company experienced “growing pains” and changes within the corporate structure. Along with the growing pains, we began to discover our niche and get involved with bicycle shows and community events that exposed the Sidewinder to the general public, as well as retailers. Slowly customers started to recognize the value that Sidewinder ProCruisers offered and started switching from other recumbents or bikes to the Sidewinder. Our customer base spanned across the United States and beyond. Our competitors took notice of our arrival. 

2003 puts in place, the current management team and a new era is born. Product evaluation has matured, new partners in manufacturing have been secured, and the time to start designing a new model has begun. Current market and competition assessments develop a solid marketing and sales plan. 

2006 ends with the introduction of a new model (Sport Z), at Interbike with rave reviews and Dealer appreciation. Our dealer network gives the new model “two thumbs up” rating. Sidewinder Cycle enjoys 300% growth and doubles the amount of Dealers. 

2007 New accessories are introduced at Interbike, once again demonstrating the fact that the Sidewinder team, listens to their customers and dealers. The new accessories include a Head Rest, Car rack and branded clothing. The slogan, “Bent for Health” is born.

2008 The third model in the Sidewinder line will be introduced at Interbike, along with new branded company colors. Another new accessory will also be introduced, an indoor stationary trainer. 

*Sidewinder Cycle is featured in a newly released book, Pedal Against Diabetes, written by noted Podiatrist, Dr. Guy Del Prince. The book is available at and promotes behavioral changes with a God connection for renewed health and vitality. *Sidewinder Cycles begin to be utilized for a program to assist the legally blind in the state of Idaho. Sidewinder Dealer, Gary Dagastine, of NorthWest Recumbents, was successful in initiating the contact through many hours of communication and demonstrations with Idaho’s Commission for the Blind members. The program chose Sidewinder Cycles for its’ record of safety, durability and function to assist Idaho’s blind consumers for their transportation and independence needs.

2009 Bent for Health! New website! New Dealers! More Events and Demo’s!

2016 company name changed to Freedom Trike