Have fun and receive money $$$ each time you have provided a demo ride or influenced a potential customer to purchase a Freedom trike. As a Brand Ambassador, you are encouraged to share your expertise and FreedomTrike experience with others. 

FreedomTrike receives many requests from potential customers to demo one of our trikes before purchasing. If there is a FreedomTrike Dealer in the area, a priority is to support that dealer. If not, we then refer to a Brand Ambassador. The product demonstrations can be a 1-to-1 meeting, bicycle club meeting, events … where ever there are people that would be interested in the wonderful features and benefits of a Freedom trike.


Brand Ambassador Profile

  • Engaging with potential FreedomTrike customers
  • Knowledge of brand (will provide FreedomTrike literature to potential owners)
  • Willingness to share your story about FreedomTrike with others
  • Most of all, Passionate about the FreedomTrike Brand.

Brand Ambassador Participation

  • Authentic, passionate & positive representation of the Brand
  • Lead trial demonstration of how to safely ride/operate the FreedomTrike
  • If available, join in new product launch’s / demo’s in your area (notice will be sent)
  • Educate customer on the features and benefits of the product
  • Increase awareness and visibility of the trike by wearing FreedomTrike branded products
  • Increase online awareness of Brand by participating on FreedomTrike Facebook fan Page/ Twitter/Youtube account and other online locations (ie.Bentrideronline.com forum …)



  • Per Trike model purchased (from a Dealer or FreedomTrike direct): 
    • SportZ – $75.00
  • Compensation requirement: Customer must submit Brand Ambassador’s NAME to FreedomTrike at time of purchase via Warranty Registration online form, send an email or call FreedomTrike in order for Brand Ambassador to receive compensation.


***Customer will receive FREE surprise for submitting Brand Ambassador Name.

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